Ultrasonic precise cleaning

Suitable for flat panel and wafer cleaning. Simple configuration and high cleaning efficiency by Multiple Reflection Method comapred to acoustic lense method.


  • Improved cleaning efficiency by 5 times powerful ultrasonic power
    compared to our existing US shower.
  • Available to be equipped in FPD cleaner to realize backside cleaning of substrate.
  • Precise cleaning by Megasonic cleaning of less than 0.2μm particles.
  • Less substrate damage due to high frequency(950kHz).


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Model 6879BK 7979BK 78BK30-660
Maximum output power 600W 900W 1200W
Frequency 950kHz
Effective area 330mm 495mm 660mm
Liquid volume 20~25L/分 20~30L/分 40~45L/分
Chassis material SUS316L
Plate material SUS316L
Interior treatment Electro-chemical polishing
Heat-resistant temperature 70℃
Connection cable Transducer:5Mx2 Transducer:5Mx3 Transducer:5Mx4
Sensor:5Mx1 Sensor:5Mx1 Sensor:5Mx2
Protection circuit Liquid level warnings (Teflon)
(lower limit)
Weight 5kg 6kg 7kg

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※Other types of transducer are customizable.
Please consult with Kaijo or our agent for more information on details.

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