Powerful ultrasonic cleaning system
Either wet cleaning or dry cleaning methods are selectable.
Amplitude of vibration is 10 times wider (20-30 μm pp) than the conventional throw-in transducer type or the cleaning bath type for expanded cleaning power.

Continuous operation is possible! Special alloy has enhanced durability of the horn.

Amplitude of vibration is adjustable by a control for more appropriate cleaning level.

Horn can be changed easily and adjustment for matching the generator is no longer needed.
Various horn types are cuatomizable.


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Combination number C-5281 C-6281A
Generator model 5271 6271
Transducer 5281 6281A
Horn type Standard or customized type
Max output power 300W 600W
Power source AC100V 6A AC200V 7A
Generator size(WxDxHmm) 200×430×305mm 220×504×341mm
Transducer size(WxDxHmm) 110×332×130mm 200×354.5×154mm
Accessories Remote short plug,spanner or motor wrenches x 2 pieces
Other function Amplitude control circuit, Oscillation level indicator, Remote control connector(Remote consent), Protection circuit(temperature rise:thermo-lamp,over-current:warning lamp),Ultrasonic wave test switch.
Ambient temprature 0~40℃
Generator weight 12.5kg 18.7kg
Transducer weight 5kg 7.2kg
Max amplitude at corn tip 20μmp-p

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Horn type combination

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Combination Number Generator model Transducer model Frequency Power Power souce/capacity
C-5281 5271 5281 19.5kHz 300W AC100V 6A
C-5381 5371 5381 27.5kHz 300W AC100V 6A
C-6281A 6271 6281A 19.5kHz 600W AC200V 7A

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