High Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning

Megasonic Clearing (HI MEGASONIC)
Suitable for precise cleaning of Si Wafer, GaAS, liquid crystal glass, glass mask, HDD, crystal transducer, thin-film magnetic head, brittle materials and etc.


  • Megasonic cleaner is high frequency ultrasonic cleaner for precise cleaning and suitable for high level cleaning requirements of silicon wafer, flat panel, HDD field that removing ultrafine particles.
  • High frequency (750kHz, 950kHz) megasonic cleaning removes particles by acceleration to realize uniform cleaning and less damages.


  • 0.1W power setting available. Easy cleaning control for less-damage cleaning.
  • Wide range of supply power voltage:AC200~240V +/-10% 50/60Hz
  • Max potput power:1200W for large area cleaning.

Specifications (Generator)

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Generator model 70110
Maximum output power 1200W
Frequency Frequency is decided by transducer to be used.
Irradiation Mode PLL mode/INT mode/A mode/B mode
Power soucel Current 10A
Voltage AC200V-AC240V(+-10% 1(diameter) 50/60Hz)
Outer dimentions 430(W) ×418(D) ×148(H)
Weight 17kg
Functions Remote mode
Output setting of 8 types
RS485 communication
Abnormal output terminal
Analog output terminal (Output monitoring)
0-5V(standard)or 4-20mA selectable

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Features (Transducer plate)

Transducer plate
  • Large size P.Z.T. elements are used for stable cleaning uniformity.
  • High watt density for effective cleaning performance
    (Max.: Aprox. 5.4W/cm2)
  • Thick transducer plate is used to realize great mechanical strength and longer operating life in order to be installed to cleaning tank comfortably.
  • Almost no acoustic transmission loss and high efficiency.
  • Only a few seams of elements for the best effective cleaning
  • Available material is SU304, 316, 316L.

Specifications (Transducer)

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Wafer size Transducer plate modele for 6" wafer Transducer plate modele for 8" wafer Transducer plate modele for 12" wafer
Model 7857S 8857S 98SL
Maximum input power 300Wx4 300Wx6 300Wx16
Frequency 950kHz 950kHz 750kHz
Effective area(mm) 136x163 165x215 275x319
Plate material SU316L SU316L SU316L
Transducer elements PZT PZT PZT
Heat-resistant temperature 70℃ 70℃ 70℃
Outer dimendions
185x215x55 255x305x55 410x340x65
Installation Bolt fixation Bolt fixation Bolt fixation

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Features (Cleaning bath)

Cleaning bath
  • Kaijo commercialize ultrasonic cleaning quartz tank on which the elelments donded direcly.
    More than 1.2 times powerful irradiation avaialble compared to the former dual tank type. This is one of Kaijo's unique technique.
  • Available for the cleaning solution temperature from room temperature (up to 50℃) to high temperature (up ot 80℃) .
  • We can also fablicate stainless tank.
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