High Performance Ultrasonic Generator
・Selectable frequency by touch panel operation:
26kHz/78kHz/130kHz or 38kHz/100kHz/160kHz

・3 different frequency by a transducer

・Max. output 600W for each frequency
26, 78, 130kHz / 38, 100, 160kHz


  • 4 selectable ultrasonic oscillation mode for precise cleaning.
  • 0.1W power setting available. Stable and high power. Easy cleaning control for less-damaged cleaning.
  • No adjustment required in generator unit exchange.
  • Just change transducer for different frequency.
  • Power is adjustable to any supply voltage.
  • Compatct Size (About 80% size of HI MEGASONIC)
  • Max. output power:1200W for large area cleaning.
  • 17 kg lightweight generator
  • Compatible with HI MEGASONIC

Generator Specifications

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Model 70111
Max output power 600W
Frequency 26, 78, 130kHz / 38, 100, 160kHz *
Oscillation method Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)
Frequency control Automatic tracking PLL system
Power source AC200-240V+-10% single phase 50/60Hz
Consumption current 10A
Main functions Remote mode, 8 step output, RS485 communication,
DeviceNet communication, Monitoring function,
0-5V(Standards setting) or 4-20mA
430(W) ×148(H) ×418(D)
weight 17kg

※You can see the entire table by scrolling.

※Frequency is decided by transducer to be used.

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