Generator and transducer are combined all in one unit and designed for easy operation.
Touch panel Adopting the seat switch improved operation method.

Excellent cleaning power and low noise newly designed BL transducer element generates powerful ultrasonic waves in the liquid, and that creates excellent cleaning power. Furthermore, adopting 38kHz has reduced noise.

Convenient attachments

Stainless steel tray of standard accessory can be used for beaker or basket cleaning to protect vibration area of cleaning bath.

Stainless steel tray
(standard accessory)
Stainless steel tray (standard accessory)
Cover (standard accessory)
Cover (standard accessory)


Optional several type of inner tray with and without hole are available for more efficient cleaning.

Inner tray (option)
Inner tray (option)
Detergent for Ultrasonic Cleaning
Detergent for Ultrasonic Cleaning "SONOCLEN"(option)

SonoCleaner D Spec

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Generator model※1 CA-34800
Outer dimensions※1
247×209×234 324×264×289 530×163×289 530×325×306
inside bath size
226×188×100 299×238×151 498×143×153 498×298×150
Bath capacity 3.9L 9.6L 7.4L 20.0L
Drain 1/2inch 1/2inch 1/2inch 1/2inch
Timer Degital 99 minutes Degital 99 minutes Degital 99 minutes Degital 99 minutes
Heater Digital control 100W Digital control 200W Digital control 200W Digital control 400W
Nominal oscillation frequency 38kHz
Power source※2 AC100V 1.8A AC100V 4.5A AC100V 4.5A AC100V 10A
Weight 4.3kg 7.7kg 8.3kg 16.2kg

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※1:Projection area is excluded.
※2:Varrious power sources are customizable.
Please consult with Kaijo or our agent for more infomation on details.

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